Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Friday, February 13, 2009

"Ballantyne's" Day sale!

3 free workout gifts for Valentine's Day!

Can you believe what Jillian Michaels, star of the show, "TheBiggest Loser", said about Turbulence Training?

She said, "If you want to get six pack abs, you need to getTurbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne!".

Don't believe me?

I didn't believe it either, but it's true.

Jillian said it on her radio show in LA last January.(Craig even posted a clip of it on his site here. So we aren't going to argue with Jillian Michaels. After all, sheseems pretty tough.

In fact, we're going to take her advice andgive you a really good reason to grab your copy of TurbulenceTraining for your abs. So...it's time for the annual "TT Ballantyne's Day Sale" to helpyou get your abs out of hiding in time for summer! Until Friday, February 13th at 10pm EST, you'll save $10 on theTurbulence Training for Abs program AND you'll get THREE free gifts.

Gift #1) Turbulence Training 2K9 Featuring the now infamous 10x10 Dumbbell Circuit, the TT2K9program features all of the best fat burning exercises Craig Ballantyne discovered in 2008.

Gift #2) Turbulence Training for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks A classic upper-body, lower-body split with extra total body ab exercises, more resistance training for muscle sculpting, and shorter, but harder interval training workouts...including theHARDEST TT workout ever designed.

Gift #3) A free 3-month Turbulence Training Membership (retailvalue $89.85)! And not only do you get these 3 gifts if you grab your copy today,but you also save 25% on the Turbulence Training for Abs Package. But hurry, this sale ends at 10pm (EST) tonight! Click here to grab your copy & gifts before the sale ends tonight!

You'll be the BIGGEST loser of belly fat in your town!

Today is the LAST DAY of the "Ballantyne's" Day sale! Because we are off to celebrate Ballantyne's Day tomorrow. So grab your copy of Turbulence Training for Abs today and save 25%off while also getting 3 free gifts, including a 3-Month TurbulenceTraining Membership.

Go here before the sale ends tonight! http://lagunafit.turbulence.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=TTPROG

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dumbest 'Slimming' Snack Advice Ever

It's no wonder people are so overweight. It's no wonder people don't have the flat stomach they crave.

With TV commercials as misleading as they are it's really no shock whatsoever.

You're inundated with crummy information and myths every time you turn on the TV.

A while back they were running a commercial for some silly Rice Puff product. It was in an office setting and someone had brought in cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

One woman looked worried she was going to ruin her "diet" because of the temptation and decided to "fill up" on a Rice Puff product.

Come on. You're smarter than that. You know darn well that a rice puff thingy is going to fill you up and stop you from stuffing your face.

For one thing, you need to expect these situations to arise. Whether you want six pack abs or just want to get to a perfectly healthy weight, you have to have a plan for temptation.

Second, that means you need to plan meals so you aren't completely starving when someone brings cupcakes to your office or something.

You know you need to eat small, frequent and nutritious meals if you really want to achieve fat loss.

Third, if you are looking for a great tasting healthy snack that fulfills your love of chocolate then look no further.

Prograde Cravers are just what the fitness pro ordered.

( Check them out here: http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/cravers )

Cravers are only 180 calories and they are made with 100% organic dark chocolate. They are completely delicious and they are the perfect snack for busy people on the go.

They even come in three flavors. Personally, I love the peanut butter.

Anyway, don't buy the hype on TV. You know better than that.

Yours in health,

Ryan Kollock

PS - It ends this Thursday! Remember, Prograde Nutrition is currently having a BIG 10.9% off everything January Celebration Sale to celebrate the New Year and the fact they are now shipping to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, that's 10.9 as in January of 2009 ;-)

Here are some other details I want to make sure you know about:

- Again, you receive 10.9% off all Prograde products.

- It will run from Thursday, January 8th until Thursday, January 15th at 11:59pm EST.

- Yes, that 10.9% off will be applicable to SmartShip orders. But it only applies to that first purchase. Not ongoing.

- The coupon code you enter at checkout is:


- The website is http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com

- If you want to check out Prograde Cravers right away go here: http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/cravers

Friday, January 9, 2009

This is sad but true

As a fitness professional, I can tell you from experience that most people just do not give their health a second thought until it's gone.

It's very sad, but very true.

Now I know you've heard this before. And I know that this message typically falls on deaf ears.

But today I want you to do some soul searching.

First off, I hope this message finds you in good health. If it does, I want you to give me just 60 seconds of reflection. Sit back in your chair and give thanks for your well-being. Give serious consideration to what your life would be like without it. Imagine the effect on your family if you lost it.

Next, I want you to think about the old saying "you are what you eat."

Truer words were never spoken, you know. So now give me another 60 seconds and think about what you've eaten over the last few days. Make a little list on a piece of paper or on your computer.

So if you are what you eat, what is YOUR body made of right now?

Have I struck a nerve yet?

You and I both know there's nothing better than filling up on nature's finest whole foods.

If you are what you eat doesn't it make sense to build your body with nature's finest?

By now I'm guessing I have your full attention.


Because I want you to know that while I would NEVER promise you a miracle pill, I am going to tell you that you can get the nutrients of 25 whole vegetables, greens and fruits in caplet form.

Prograde Nutrition's VGF 25+ is the culmination of 25 vegetable, green and fruit concentrates. Yes, they take those 25 whole foods and pack them into a heck of a caplet.

They even have specific formulas for men and women.

It's an incredibly convenient way to build your body with better materials, so to speak.

And remember, Prograde's formula uses whole foods. It is NOT a synthetic vitamin created in some lab somewhere.

Now the really cool thing about Prograde Nutrition is they were created by fitness pros for fitness pros. They created a company just so I had nutritional products I could recommend to you. Products I know you will get great benefit from.

In fact, their products are so in demand they are now shipping to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand! Plus, they will soon be able to ship to just about anywhere in the world.

Yes, ALL their products are that good and they are that much in demand.

So to celebrate their new shipping destinations, and just to ring in the New Year, they are having a 10.9% off everything sale.

Yes, that's 10.9 as in January of 2009 ;-)

Here are some other details I want to make sure you know about:

- Again, you receive 10.9% off all Prograde products.

- It will run from Thursday, January 8th until Thursday, January 15th at 11:59pm EST.

- Yes, that 10.9% off will be applicable to SmartShip orders. But it only applies to that first purchase. Not ongoing.

- The coupon code you enter at checkout is:


- The website is http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com

- If you want to check out the VGF25+ I've been telling you about go here: http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/vgf

Yours in health and fitness,

Ryan Kollock
Fitness Solutions

PS - Do some soul searching today. Do you really want to be one of those people that thinks about their health AFTER they've lost it?

PPS - If your nutritional plan needs a boost be sure to check out Prograde's 10.9% off sale at http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fat Fighting Fat Pills

So another new year is upon us. Untold numbers of people are "resolving" to win the battle of the bulge this year.

Some people are actually laying out a solid plan based on exercise and nutrition.

Others are going to go on yet another fad diet.

Even worse, lots and lots of soon to be disheartened folks will be turning to the latest miracle pill they've seen on TV or the Internet.

It's sad really.

The marketing for these pills gets cranked up to full blast now that it's January. These far less than reputable companies know how desperate people are. And they certainly know how much greater that desperation becomes in January.

Look, you and I know better. We know that the only way you're going to Kung Fu that fat off your belly, butt, hips and thighs is to eat right and exercise.

Know what else is sad?

Once people come to grips with the fact they've been ripped off over and over by these "miracle" diet pill companies, oftentimes they'll refuse to listen to reason about nutritional products that have actual benefits.

For instance, did you know that Essential Fatty Acid products help promote fat loss through the stabilization of blood sugar levels?

And that they may also help regulate mood, improve heart health and decrease joint pain?

If people are looking for a pill to take - one that is actually based on research - they should strongly consider adding an Essential Fatty Acids product to their diet.

I'm asked all the time what I use and it's Prograde's EFA Icon (you can read more about it here: http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/icon )

Again, I know you're to smart to fall for the gimmicks, but if you know of anyone trying a diet pill this January, please tell them to get real. They'll be better off for it.

Yours in health,

Ryan Kollock

PS - Again, if you're looking to add a great Essential Fatty Acid product to your diet be sure to check out Prograde's EFA Icon. It's the best out there. http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/icon

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year!

Wow, can you believe 2008 is almost gone!? What a year it has been, and what a year 2009 is going to be. It's a day to celebrate new beginnings and the start of a great year. The key to a great life is to enjoy yourself and live in the moment I hope you have tons of fun tonight and everyday after.

Happy 2009!

Ryan Kollock

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disturbing News

First of all, if you haven't signed up for the biggest fitness gift giveaway this season, then that is disturbing. You need to go to www.12DaysofFitness.com right now and sign up, so you can start receiving your FREE gifts tomorrow, and do I have a great gift for you, The Fit and Trim Fat Loss Starter Kit, but you can only get it from www.12DaysofFitness.com.

Other news...

Fitness pros get a bad rap at times. And hey, sometimes it's well deserved. It's unfortunate, but there are still way too many "meat head" trainers who are more interested in looking at themselves in a mirror than they are in their own clients.

But we also take heat at times for being too interested in looks and appearance than health and wellness.

Well, I'm going to fill you in on a little secret. We've tried to market our businesses by educating people about the health benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. We'd love for people to care more about their health than how they look.

Unfortunately, and this holds true for the vast majority of people, they only care about their health once they've lost it.

Think about that for a little bit.

I can tell you right now the unscrupulous marketers online are making a FORTUNE promoting these Acai Berry pills right now. And they are able to do that because they are promoting it as weight loss and not the real benefit of Acai Berry.

It is the "magic pill" of the day. If you've been paying attention to the weight loss market you'll know it used to be Hoodia.

Now, you might not like it, but I'm not going to be the one to lie to you. I'm not going to be the one to tell you take this little pill and watch the weight fall off. Acai Berry is a heck of an antioxidant that can help your body fight the aging process and help boost your immune system, but it's not going to flush the excess pounds off your belly, butt, hips and thighs. Sorry.

Now my friends at http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com have an amazing product that includes Acai Berry as one of its main ingredients. But unlike the Grade A scumbags out there lying to you, they only promote their product for what it is; a very powerful Antioxidant formula to help boost your health.

So if your health is of interest to you then definitely check out http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/longevity

Sorry if this ticks you off. I'm here to shed light on the truth for you. It's up to YOU to decide whether or not your health is more valuable to you than your appearance.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Ryan Kollock

PS - Again, if you value your health and want help with the aging process I can't recommend http://lagunabeachfitness.getprograde.com/longevity to you enough.